Preschool is the first step in child's academic journey and can serve as the basis for all future learning. According to the Indian Department of Education, preschool plays a large role in later academic success. "Children in high quality preschools display better language, cognitive, and social skills than children who attended low quality programs".

Once your child is ready for the play school, choosing the right preschool become a daunting process. The following steps may help you to sort through the preschool and to decide the right place for your kid.

Figure out How DOON KIDS is Important to You

Parents are best judge of their child and only they know better what type of the environment will suit their kid best. Think about your child's personality. Is he shy? Does she make friends quickly? What do you want from your child's preschool? Are you looking for a rigorous academic program or something more socially-based?

Check with the school to find out the details on age qualifications and other factors such as potty training.

To meet child's individual needs, you want to find a school that offers small class sizes and low child-teacher ratios. The classroom should have lots of toys and other play items that are clean, safe and in easy reach of little people. If there is an outside play space, make sure it is fenced in and ask if the staff is trained in first aid.

Make sure the schools you are considering employ teachers that have earned early childhood education degrees.


At Doon Kids, we offer developmental programs like contemporary Dance. Contemporary dance is a blend of Kathak.

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